• SoShiok


    VIDEO: SoShiok: Pasarbella's best eats

    Pasarbella has taken their gourmet food hall concept to a brand new outlet at Suntec City. With over 14 different food outlets located at the 7000 square-foot space, there is a wide range of gourmet dishes to make everyone happy. We head down and find out what are some of the best eats at Pasarbella. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=pasarbella,keyword:detail=suntec

    VIDEO: SoShiok: Crazy for 'liu sha' croissant

    The oozing goodness of salted egg yolk 'liu sha' custard croissant by local cafe Flavour Flings has had netizens raving. No longer do foodies have to travel to Johor, Kuala Lumpur, or Hong Kong to taste the pastry. Sold out within 30 minutes of its launch, is the molten confectionery worth the long queues? content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=SoShiok,keyword:detail=liusha croissant,keyword:detail=salted egg yolk,keyword:detail=flavour flings

    VIDEO: SoShiok: Bak Kut Teh Porridge

    Bak Kut Teh and porridge make an unlikely but impressive couple in local restaurant chain A-One's latest offering - Bak Kut Teh Porridge! The interesting combination balances the peppery and savoury flavours of Bak Kut Teh prime ribs with the comforting smoothness of congee-like porridge. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=SoShiok

    VIDEO: SoShiok : Sumiya's 'ancient' grilled fish

    Sumiya flies in fresh fish from Osaka, sun dries them in a special machine before grilling them "Irori Genshikyaki" style, an ancient method of grilling fish. In this episode, we see if this traditional method stands up to the test of time! content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=sumiya,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=fish,keyword:detail=japanese

    VIDEO: SoShiok: Eat and Drink, The Russian Way

    The man behind Russkiy Dome is Uzbek chef Rinat Valiev, who won his Singaporean wife over with his unique creation of the Pork Julienne. He and his wife Deborah introduce us to a few signature items of Russkiy Dome, a quirky little cafe that serves up cuisine from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia and other Eastern European countries. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=russkiy dome,keyword:detail=russian food

    VIDEO: SoShiok: Japanese Mee Pok Man

    The bemusing sight of a Japanese chef engrossed with preparing the perfect bowl of mee pok in a hawker centre has drawn both stares as well as long queues. For 47-year-old Japanese hawker Naoji Kuribara, his best-selling item is mee pok, or better known as 'Bak Chor Mee'. Mr Kuribara, who took over Ah Hoe Mee Pok in Clementi, has opened his second stall at Block 713. He learnt his skills from his master, Singaporean Eric Chia, who opened the original Ah Hoe Mee Pok. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=japanese,keyword:detail=meepok,keyword:detail=bakchormee,keyword:detail=ah hoe

    VIDEO: Feast of local delights with SoShiok!

    Chili crab bun, claypot crayfish noodles and Hokkaido mango machi. What do these 3 dishes have in common? Well, all of them can be found at The Seletar Mall, and were highly recommended by winners of the SoShiok! Feast @ The Seletar Mall. Find out what other food items scored high on these foodies' list. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=seletar mall,keyword:detail=soshiok!feast@theseletarmall

    VIDEO: SoShiok! Best duck in the world?

    The world-famous roast duck from London's Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant has finally reached our shores. Is this really the best roast duck the SoShiok team has tried? Watch to find out our verdict. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=duck,keyword:detail=london,keyword:detail=fourseasons,keyword:detail=chinese,keyword:detail=retaurant

    VIDEO: So Shiok! Chicken and beer straight out of a K-drama

    A Secret Garden fantasy come true at newly-opened Korean fried chicken restaurant, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, with their famous cream beer. We also checked out their fried chicken dishes with a unique twist. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=food,keyword:detail=chirchir,keyword:detail=korean,keyword:detail=friedchicken

    VIDEO: So Shiok! Da Lian Traditional Noodle

    Celebrity photos adorn the walls of Da Lian Traditional Noodle located at Syed Alwi Road. But second-generation owner Gerald Ng says celebrities have to queue just like everyone else for the famous minced meat noodles. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=bakchormee

    VIDEO: SoShiok: The one and only Crab Ramen in Singapore!

    Singaporeans sure love their ramen with more than 100 ramen stores located here! But what if you are looking for something truly unique? In this week's SoShiok, we have a special treat as we try out the only Crab stock ramen here in Singapore! Is it any good? Find out in this clip! content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok

    VIDEO: SoShiok in HK: Maxim's Palace, a dim sum institution!

    A trip to Hong Kong is never complete without a dim sum meal! SoShiok visits Maxim's Palace where they serve dim sum in a good old fashioned push cart. Also in this episode, Olivia tries roast goose for the first time! content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,content:category=Travel,location:region=Hong Kong,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=hong kong

  • Mother Sure Scold


    VIDEO: Mother Sure Scold: Parkour

    Remember how our mothers used to scold us for climbing, jumping and running around the place? We revisit these childhood sins in the form of parkour, otherwise known as the art of free running, hoping we don't break a limb in the meantime. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Fitness,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=mss,keyword:detail=mother sure scold,keyword:detail=parkour

    VIDEO: Mother Sure Scold: Diving with sharks (Ep 3)

    This is stuff that gives your mother nightmares. We go diving in Underwater World Singapore's tank filled with over 100 sharks, to tick "pet a shark" off our bucket list. Now, if only we can survive mum's punishment too. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=mother sure scold,keyword:detail=sharks,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Sports

    VIDEO: Mother Sure Scold - Bubble Soccer (Ep 2)

    It's violent, fun and bound to get your mother worried. First played on a Norwegian game show, bubble soccer has bounced its way to Singapore. We gave this crazy sport a go at Bubble Soccer Singapore and had a flipping good time. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Sports,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=bubble soccer,keyword:detail=mother sure scold

    VIDEO: Mother Sure Scold - Burlesque (Ep 1)

    Singapore's first professional burlesque performer Sukki Singapora was in town recently to promote her upcoming show. We invited her to show us how to rock some of her signature moves. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Nightlife,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=sukki singapora,keyword:detail=burlesque,keyword:detail=mother sure scold

    VIDEO: Durian Myths Busted

    Can you drink alcohol when you eat durians? Does drinking water from a durian shell get rid of durian breath? We put a few durian myths to the test. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=durian,keyword:detail=mother sure scold

  • The New Paper Celeb Chow


    VIDEO: Celeb Chow Valentine's Day Special: Glenn Ong and Jean Danker

    For this week's Celeb Chow, TNP invited radio DJs, Glenn Ong and Jean Danker, to Catalunya @ Fullerton Pavillion to try their special Valentine's Day menu. More at www.tnp.sg/m The New Paper Content:Category=M,Keyword:Detail=Love,Keyword:Detail=Catalunya,Keyword:Detail=Valentine's Day,Keyword:Detail=Glenn Ong,Keyword:Detail=Jean Danker,Keyword:Detail=Celebrity Chow,Keyword:Detail=Celeb Chow,Content:Category=Celebrities,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Type=Entertainment

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow - Tong Bingyu

    For Malaysian actress Tong Bing Yu , Chinese New Year is her favourite holiday of the year, more so than Christmas or New Year’s Day. “No matter how busy I am, Chinese New Year is the one season where I make time for family,” the 32-year-old told M at Grand Mandarina restaurant, where she has been its celebrity ambassador for nearly a year. This year, she is not working on the first three days of Chinese New Year so she will be visiting her family in Kuala Lumpur, where she is currently based. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Food & Wine,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=Tong Bing Yu ,Keyword:Detail=Chinese New Year ,Keyword:Detail=Grand Mandarina

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow: Nat Ho

    Fresh off the set of long-form Channel 5 drama Tanglin, Nat Ho arrived for our interview at Bam! Tapas-Sake Bar hungry. Turns out the restaurant’s owner, Tanglin co-star Constance Song, had asked him to save his appetite for the tapas there. The 31-year-old local actor-singer, who plays chef Jay on the show which airs on weekdays at 8.30pm, told M: “Constance said, ‘Hey, don’t eat so much lunch, so you can try more things later. Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=M,Keyword:Detail=Nat Ho,Keyword:Detail=Celebrity chow,Keyword:Detail=Celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=Tanglin,Keyword:Detail=Constance Song

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow with Paul Foster

    In this week's Celebrity Chow, The New Paper invited Paul Foster for lunch at Kaiserhaus located at Capitol Theatre. Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=M,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=Paul foster,Keyword:Detail=celebrity chow,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=Kaiserhaus

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow: Zhang Yaodong

    Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=Makan,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=zhang yaodong

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow : Jack And Rai

    If you’re a fan of local pop-rock duo Jack & Rai , chances are you’ll spot them at Shah Alam Restaurant on Circular Road. “This is our favourite mamak place. We’re here at least a few times a week, because it’s close to our recording studio, my gym and our restaurant The Flying Squirrel,” said Rai Kannu, 37. “Shah Alam is a convenient place for a quick prata or teh when we need a break.” “The boss at Shah Alam knows us very well since we’re regulars. He also remembers me as the Chinese boy who sang the Tamil song at the National Day Parade once!” said Jack Ho, 38. “Jack is something of a prata connoisseur,” added Kannu. “If he has a prata that’s no good or not made fresh, he’ll not go back to that place again. But Shah Alam serves consistently good prata.” Keyword:Detail=circular road,Keyword:Detail=shah alam,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=Jack & Rai,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Type=Entertainment,Content:Category=Food & Wine

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow: Shigga Shay digs in at Holland Village

    Steak, naan and the ever-awesome kopi peng. These are the staples for local rapper Shigga Shay when he eats at Holland Village. And what's the best dining place to bring a girl for a date? Find out in the video. More at www.tnp.sg/m Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Makan,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=shigga shay,Keyword:Detail=holland village,Keyword:Detail=steak,Keyword:Detail=kopi,Keyword:Detail=coffee shop

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow with Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki

    Professional tennis players are revered like rock stars. M witnessed the fanaticism extend to our heartlands last Friday as we followed Danish tennis ace Caroline Wozniacki around on her maiden visit to a local iconic hawker haven. At Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre, the 25-year-old former world No. 1, in town at the invitation of Singapore Tourism Board and Sport Singapore, turned heads with her towering frame — she is 1.79m — and blonde locks. Over dim sum and chwee kueh, Wozniacki, currently ranked No. 6 in the world, gave a thumbs-up to Singapore’s hawker culture and lamented the lack of affordable dining options in her home country. The New Paper Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=caroline wozniacki,Keyword:Detail=tennis,Keyword:Detail=sports,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=WTA

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow with local actor Andie Chen

    Having a baby changes the mealtime dynamics between a married couple. Just ask Andie Chen. The 30-year-old local actor, who has a one-year-old son, Aden, with his Taiwanese actress wife Kate Pang, laughed as he recounted a typical eating-out experience with his child in tow. “Things have definitely changed after Aden came into the picture,” he said, over lunch with M at A-One Claypot House at Suntec City Mall last Thursday. “Last time, Kate and I were very romantic. Whenever we eat out, we’d exchange sweet-nothings like ‘Here, have a bite of this, have a taste of that.’ “These days, our conversations are always hurried. Like ‘Quick, quick, you eat first! I’ll look after the baby! Take turns. After that I eat ok.’” (sic) Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=singapore,Keyword:Detail=andie chen,Keyword:Detail=lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow with local TV stars Fauzie Laily and Elfaeza Ul Haq

    It's Ramadan month and The New Paper had a ball of a time breaking fast with actor Fauzie Laily and actress Elfaeza Ul Haq -- they play family members on new Channel 5 drama Tanglin -- at StraitsKitchen at Grand Hyatt Singapore. Fauzie shares with us his unfortunate allergy to crabs and Elfaeza tells us it's mushrooms that make her stomach churn. The New Paper Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=hari raya,Keyword:Detail=fauzie laily,Keyword:Detail=ramadan,Keyword:Detail=singapore,Keyword:Detail=Elfaeza Ul Haq

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow - Jaymee Ong

    Australian-Chinese actress-host Jaymee Ong loves her crabs, especially the ones at JUMBO Seafood Restaurant. M took the vivacious 35-year-old to the Dempsey Hill branch . Ong is currently 6 & 1/2 months pregnant with her second child and pregnancy has changed her tastes -- "Black pepper crab used to be at the top of my list, but now, I like chilli crabs more," she said. Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Food & Wine,Keyword:Detail=celebrity chow,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=jaymee ong,Keyword:Detail=Makan,Keyword:Detail=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=Motherhood

    VIDEO: Celeb Chow with George Young

    Content:Type=Entertainment,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=george young

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow - Audionauts

    Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=M,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow

    VIDEO: South Korean acoustic guitar whiz Sungha Jung

    The cafe culture has caught on big time, not just with Singaporean youths, but youngsters in Seoul as well. Take that from South Korean acoustic guitar maestro and YouTube sensation Sungha Jung. The gangly 18-year-old, in town last Saturday for his solo concert, told M over coffee and snacks at the quaint, homely The Deli at Grand Park City Hall that it is “very common” for he and his same-age peers to hang out at cafes. “There are so many franchised coffeehouse chains in Seoul, Korean teenagers love going there to chit-chat, or to study and revise for their exams,” shared Jung, best known for his jaw-droppingly amazing cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie theme song. Watch our video to find out what foods he must have before and after his live gigs. Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Music,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=Celebrity Chow,Keyword:Detail=sungha jung,Keyword:Detail=M,Keyword:Detail=coffee

    VIDEO: Celeb Chow with David Choi

    We were at Dempsey Hill, one of Singapore’s most popular dating spots with its chill, laidback vibes. The man I’m doing lunch with, 29-year-old Korean-American singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation David Choi, has immortalised this venue in one of his new original songs. His acoustic tender ditty, Dempsey Hill, was penned after a memorable, romantic night-out. “I came here with a girl, we had dinner, and I just went home and was inspired to write a song about it,” said Choi with a grin, as we tucked into lunch at Long Beach @ Dempsey. “Dempsey Hill is quiet and there are lots of great restaurants and cafes to dine at. And you can take a walk around the area too." More at http://www.tnp.sg/m The New Paper Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=david choi,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Makan

    VIDEO: Celeb Chow with Hossan Leong

    Local comedian and entrepreneur Hossan Leong is set to tickle our funnybone in new cabaret revue Dim Sum Dollies - The History of Singapore Part 1. It seemed apt, then, to ask the youthful-looking 45-year-old what dish he’d pick to best represent the history of our local food culture. Over lunch with M last Thursday at his favourite dining haunt, mezza9 restaurant at Grand Hyatt Singapore, Leong shook his head when this reporter suggested the iconic chilli crab. “I don’t think so. If you’re allergic to seafood, how to eat?” he mused. “Rojak would be my choice. It’s a very nice melange of the different sort of tastes we have. “All cultures in Singapore can enjoy rojak. It doesn’t have pork, neither does it have beef. It’s vegetarian, almost like a salad. It’d only be a problem if you are allergic to nuts.” Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=makan,Keyword:Detail=hossan leong

  • InstaScram


    VIDEO: InstaScram: #abandonedhomes

    ​In this episode, we explore abandoned homes. Nessa treks through a ​jungle in ​H​olland Road​ to hunt down a majestic​,​ crumbling palace. And next, a vacant HDB estate. Let’s just hope ​her photos do not reveal any ‘dwellers’! ​Inspired by photos shared on social media, #InstaScram explores stories behind the images. ​​​​Follow ​#InstaScram updates ​on Instagram ​@sphrazor content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=History,content:category=Hobbies,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=instascram,keyword:detail=photography,keyword:detail=abandonedhomes,keyword:detail=nessa anwar

    VIDEO: InstaScram: #punggol

    In this first episode, Nessa’s scrambler takes her to Punggol where she uncovers some stunning locations for photoshoots set against the seaside and lalang fields. Inspired by photos shared on social media, InstaScram explores stories behind the images. Follow ​@sphrazor on Instagram for updates. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=History,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=instascram,keyword:detail=photography,keyword:detail=instagram,keyword:detail=nessa anwar,keyword:detail=punggol

  • A Singaporean Story


    VIDEO: How far would you go for an online relationship?

    A Singaporean woman traveled to Romania with her mother last month just to meet her boyfriend who she met online. While online dating isn't new or unusual, her story demonstrated the great extents people go to in the name of love. We hit the streets to find out what people think about meeting people online, and whether true love can blossom on the interweb. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Travel,content:category=Technology & Games,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: The optician - A Singaporean Story

    Giving up his dreams in order to keep a family business going, Mr Lim Seah Seng ensures the survival of the optical shop to the best of his abilities even if customer numbers have declined over more than five decades. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=History,content:category=Fashion & Beauty,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=optician,keyword:detail=balestier,keyword:detail=lim kay khee,keyword:detail=optical shop,keyword:detail=a singaporean story

    VIDEO: Roadside barber - A Singaporean Story

    Just a lone, rusty barber’s chair, sheltered from rain and shine by a canvas sheet. This is the office of Mr Lee Yoon Tong, 77, who has cut the hair of customers from a back alley along Boon Tat Street for more than five decades. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=History,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=roadside barber,keyword:detail=a singaporean story,keyword:detail=lee yoon tong

    VIDEO: Singaporean Story - Traditional Chinese Medicine

    With the ever-advancement of Western medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) seem to be lagging behind and neglected. We look at the tedious, yet delicate technique in this field of medicine and find out what Mr Foo, a senior practitioner, has to say about the future of this trade. Will it eventually win back the hearts of patients from Western medicine? content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Fitness,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=a singaporean story,keyword:detail=tcm,keyword:detail=heartlands

    VIDEO: The Masseur - A Singaporean Story

    He isn't your average masseur. For the past decade, Mr Ng Shun Hua, 73, has been treating patients for ailments such as neck aches and back pain using chopsticks of different sizes. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=History,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=vanishing trades,keyword:detail=chopstick masseur,keyword:detail=a singaporean story

    VIDEO: Lantern painter - A Singaporean Story

    In a corner of Toa Payoh Industrial Park, 76-year-old Mr Yeo Hung Teo steadily paints away on paper lanterns used in temples, funerals and during the Hungry Ghost Festival. He is one of the rare few in Singapore who still do this today. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=History,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=teochew,keyword:detail=lantern,keyword:detail=vanishing trade,keyword:detail=traditional

    VIDEO: Roadside cobbler - A Singaporean Story

    In Singapore's ever-changing landscape, certain icons have faded away. In this clip, we track down one such icon, the humble roadside cobbler. Here's what he has to say, in A Singaporean Story. keyword:detail=singaporean story,keyword:detail=a singaporean story,keyword:detail=craft,keyword:detail=vanishing trade,keyword:detail=cobbler,location:region=Singapore,content:category=History,content:type=Lifestyle

    VIDEO: To Hollywood and back (Nickson Fong Pt 1)

    Visual effects artist Nickson Fong is the first Singaporean to be awarded an Academy Award. The Founder of Egg Story Studios will be receiving a Technical Achievement Certificate in Beverly Hills on February 9. He tells Razor TV about the technique that helped his team of 3 clinch the coveted award. SPH content:category=News,content:category=Singapore Now,content:type=News

    VIDEO: Gan Lu Lu and her crazy mom

    Gan Lu Lu is a Chinese model/actress with a crazy mother who filmed her in the nude in order to get her a boyfriend. We check out the Gan LuLu saga and how Singaporean netizens have been transfixed by the story that's causing a stir in cyberspace. SPH keyword:detail=Current Affairs,keyword:detail=Ground Zero

    VIDEO: Auntie misbehaves in public (Ground Zero Pt 3)

    A Singaporean woman is caught on camera kungfu-kicking a car. This took place at a public carpark, what's the real story? SPH keyword:detail=Current Affairs,keyword:detail=Ground Zero

    VIDEO: She bares all in erotic film (Erotic film Hush Pt 1)

    Natalie Faye may be one of Singapore's first actresses to bare all in a Singaporean film. The 20-minute film, titled Hush, features a brief full frontal shot of Natalie, among other steamy scenes. Hush is being hyped as Singapore's most erotic film and tells the story of a family with dark secrets. It has been passed by the Board of Film Censors with no cuts. SPH content:category=Entertainment,keyword:detail=Razor Pop

  • New Noms


    VIDEO: Food OD at ODP (New Noms Ep 5)

    Kale broth, guacamole risotto, chocolate pistachio souffle... Overdose on Chef Daniele's creative list of starters, mains and desserts at Open Door Policy (ODP), guaranteed to make you return again and again for more. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Food,keyword:detail=new noms

    VIDEO: Japanese Izakaya with a twist (New Noms Ep 3)

    The traditional Japanese Izakaya goes urban with this concept new at the Neon Pigeon, which has come to roost at Keong Saik. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=new noms,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: Dare to try this poisonous fish? (New Noms Ep 4)

    Fugu sashimi, fugu karaage and even a hot sake with fugu fin. This poisonous puffer fish is available in various forms at Fuku, Singapore’s first and only fugu-centric restaurant. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Food,keyword:detail=new noms,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: Dine like Korean royalty at Guksu (New Noms Ep 2)

    Originally a dish for Korean nobility and members of the royal court, anyone can now enjoy jeongol, an elaborate stew or casserole similar to the more popularly known jjigae in Korean cuisine. While jjigae was a simpler dish for commoners, and generally made with only a single main ingredient (for example, kimchi jjigae or sundubu jjigae), jeongol usually contaisn a variety of main ingredients including top-quality meats, vegetables, pastes and sauces. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=new noms,keyword:detail=guksu

    VIDEO: Meat lovers' delight (New Noms Ep 1)

    Part bar, part upmarket restaurant, Oxwell & Co.'s mouth watering gastrobar menu is a notch above your regular pub grub. Bring a meat-loving friend - or two - if you're game to try their signature Cape Grim Porterhouse steak. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=new noms,content:category=Food

  • Lifestyle


    VIDEO: Ye Jung Hwa BNT Fashion Pictorial

    content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,content:category=girl bands,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: Dong Jun BNT Fashion Pictorial

    content:type=BNT News International,content:category=boy bands,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: BMW hits Volkswagen in parking blooper at Upper Thomson Rd

    content:type=stomp,content:category=singapore seen,location:region=singapore,keyword:detail=accident,keyword:detail=car

    VIDEO: Puppies love the cat!

    Puppies loves cats. Fact! content:type=cover media,content:category=TV,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Lambs, goats and big dogs

    Whether you're a baby goat or a lamb, you'll always have a friend in a big dog! content:type=cover media,content:category=TV,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Mother Sure Scold: Parkour

    Remember how our mothers used to scold us for climbing, jumping and running around the place? We revisit these childhood sins in the form of parkour, otherwise known as the art of free running, hoping we don't break a limb in the meantime. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Fitness,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=mss,keyword:detail=mother sure scold,keyword:detail=parkour

    VIDEO: Year of the Monkey: 2016 Chinese Horoscope

    Chinese New Year is almost upon us. Fengshui consultant Adelina Pang tells us what 2016 holds for those born in the year of the Monkey! content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Supernatural,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=Zodiac,keyword:detail=2016

    VIDEO: Year of the Dog: 2016 Chinese Horoscope

    Chinese New Year is almost upon us. Fengshui consultant Adelina Pang tells us what 2016 holds for those born in the year of the Dog! content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Supernatural,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=zodiac,keyword:detail=2016

    VIDEO: Year of the Ox: 2016 Chinese Horoscope

    Chinese New Year is almost upon us. Fengshui consultant Adelina Pang tells us what 2016 holds for those born in the year of the Ox. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Supernatural,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=zodiac,keyword:detail=2016

    VIDEO: Year of the Dragon: 2016 Chinese Horoscope

    Chinese New Year is almost upon us. Fengshui consultant Adelina Pang tells us what 2016 holds for those born in the year of the Dragon. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Supernatural,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=zodiac,keyword:detail=2016

    VIDEO: Year of the Goat: 2016 Chinese Horoscope

    Chinese New Year is almost upon us. Fengshui consultant Adelina Pang tells us what 2016 holds for those born in the year of the Goat. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,content:category=Supernatural,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=zodiac,keyword:detail=2016

    VIDEO: Traversing Shikoku on 2 wheels

    The smallest of Japan’s major islands has over 1,000 kilometers of cycling routes. Check out a sampling of the scenery. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Travel,content:category=Sports,location:region=Global,keyword:detail=cycle,keyword:detail=japan

    VIDEO: Top rest stops on Japan's Shikoku island

    From a boat ride down the Shimanto River to where the best soft serve ice cream can be found. Check out this top 5 list. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Travel,content:category=Sports,location:region=Global,keyword:detail=cycle,keyword:detail=japan

    VIDEO: Amazing: Horses that blow bubbles!

    Horses that blow bubbles! content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Cats playing pattycake!

    Cats playing pattycake, we love it! content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Getting to know you!

    Making new friends can often be a bit daunting, sometimes it's nice to have a little introduction... content:type=cover media,content:category=TV,location:region=Hollywood

  • Entertainment


    VIDEO: Playboy goes non-nude, sort of

    Playboy publishes its first non-nude magazine, featuring centerfold Dree Hemingway, the great-granddaughter of novelist Ernest Hemingway. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=playboy,Keyword:Detail=non-nude,Keyword:Detail=dree hemingway,Keyword:Detail=ernest hemingway

    VIDEO: Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson pose for Valentino in shop window

    As the premiere of the highly anticipated ‘Zoolander 2’ draws closer, stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson surprised fans in Rome, when they appeared as their supermodel characters and posed in the window of a Valentino storefront. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: It's all eyes on Rita Ora and that topless cover shot for Lui magazine

    Rita Ora has posed topless for the French magazine Lui. content:type=cover media,content:category=Music,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: 'Kung Fu Panda' is back better than ever

    That's right, our favorite 'Kung Fu Panda' is back! And today he's not only showing off his fighting skills, but he'll also share some of his special moves with us. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Celebs who love their pets

    "Make me the person my dog thinks I am", goes the famous quote, and for those living under the constant scrutiny of the public eye, that plea is likely invoked with an extra grain of truth. Dogs, cats, and even pigs have proven loyal companions to the famous and infamous in a sometimes less-than-friendly world. And let's not forget the incredible animal advocacy work some of our favourite celebs are involved in. Let's take a look at some animal loving celebrities. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Kim Basinger joins ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trilogy

    Kim Basinger has signed on to play literary anti-hero Christian Grey's former lover and business partner in the upcoming ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sequel. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Justin Bieber plays hero helping lady involved in hit and run

    Justin Bieber’s hit headlines yet again, but this time for being somewhat of a hero, as he recently ran to the rescue of an old lady who was hit by a car. content:type=cover media,content:category=Music,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Exclusive Interview: Liev Schreiber confesses he's uncomfortable with fame

    ‘The 5th Wave’ is a new, young adult sci-fi franchise that’s only just hit cinemas. In this exclusive interview, actor Liev Schreiber reveals exactly how he feels when a new movie he’s made hits the big screen. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Jack Neo's $10,000 water bill for latest movie

    To recreate Singapore floods of 1969 on film, director Jack Neo built a set which was the largest of its kind in the history of Singapore films. In fact, the water bill alone cost more than $10,000 - and beyond that, the actors had to spend gruelling days and nights soaked in the water. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Local,content:category=Movies,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=long long time ago,keyword:detail=jack neo

    VIDEO: Aileen Tan channels mum when slapping child

    When she was called upon to slap newbie child actor Yan Li Xuan, veteran actress Aileen Tan was able to do it only when she though of her own mother. Besides being fierce and favouring boys over girls, her onscreen character had other similarities with her mum. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Movies,content:category=Local,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=aileen tan,keyword:detail=long long time ago,keyword:detail=jack neo

    VIDEO: Amazing: Horses that blow bubbles!

    Horses that blow bubbles! content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Beyonce and Jay Z rumoured to be welcoming second child

    It looks like huge congratulations are in order for Beyonce and Jay Z as a number of sources have claimed that they’re expecting their second child together, who'd be a sibling for their little girl Blue Ivy. content:type=cover media,content:category=Music,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: New Miss Universe returns to Philippines

    Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach returns to the Philippines a month after winning the pageant. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=miss universe,Keyword:Detail=miss philippines,Keyword:Detail=pia wurtzbach,Keyword:Detail=beauty pageant

    VIDEO: Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’ gets pushed back

    Following a number of highly anticipated movies switching their release dates, new reports have shown that the reboot of ‘The Mummy’ starring Tom Cruise will sadly be coming around three months later than expected. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Car plunges into Alexandra Canal: Bodies retrieved are of mother and daughter

    The two bodies retrieved after a car plunged into the canal along Delta Avenue are believed to be that of a mother and daughter. Stomp content:type=stomp,content:category=singapore seen,location:region=singapore,keyword:detail=accident

    VIDEO: Could this be from missing flight MH370?

    A large piece of metal has washed ashore in Thailand, promping speculation it might belong to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=thailand,Keyword:Detail=malaysia airlines,Keyword:Detail=mas,Keyword:Detail=mh370,Keyword:Detail=missing flight

  • Extra!


    VIDEO: Laowai Not: Living in Beijing changed his art

    Living in China has changed the way amateur artist Nathan draws and paints. An art teacher at an international school in Beijing, Nate says he's inspired by the people, the movement, and the energy in Beijing - and since he's a rather 'negative' person, his art is now "more squashed, compact" and have a sense of "claustrophobia and alienation". Content:Group=This Is Asia,Content:Category=Lifestyle,Location:Region=China,Keyword:Detail=laowai not,Keyword:Detail=nathan,Keyword:Detail=art,Keyword:Detail=beijing

    VIDEO: A day in the life of a "tasker"

    Follow TaskRabbit "tasker" Emily Cherin as she runs errands for a client in NYC, including writing a love letter and delivering a frappucino. content:type=cnbc,content:category=Interviews,location:region=World,keyword:detail=taskrabbit,keyword:detail=tasker,keyword:detail=nyc

    VIDEO: iPhone 6s photos leaked

    Leaked photos of the brand new iPhone 6s have hit the Internet. What it could mean for the stock? CNBC's Josh Lipton and the FM traders weigh in. content:type=cnbc,content:category=Tech,keyword:detail=iphone,keyword:detail=6s,keyword:detail=leak,keyword:detail=apple

    VIDEO: How aging really feels... in a suit

    Jennifer Rosenbaum and her team at Genworth Financial have come up with a creative way to help people face the reality of retirement and aging. CNBC's Kelly Evans tries on a cool "aging" suit that looks like something out of a sci-fi flick. content:type=cnbc,content:category=Tech,content:category=Health,location:region=World,keyword:detail=aging suit,keyword:detail=genworth,keyword:detail=retirement,keyword:detail=exoskeleton

    VIDEO: 3 big themes in tech for rest of year

    CNBC's Josh Lipton looks ahead to trends in the technology industry for the rest of the year, involving tech giants like Apple and Google. keyword:detail=hp,keyword:detail=google,keyword:detail=paypal,keyword:detail=ebay,keyword:detail=apple,location:region=World,content:category=Tech,content:type=cnbc

    VIDEO: Internships that pay more than 'real' jobs

    Some of these internships pay more than "real" jobs. CNBC's Jane Wells looks at some of the top lucrative internships in America. content:type=cnbc,content:category=Wealth and the economy,location:region=World,keyword:detail=internships,keyword:detail=salary,keyword:detail=glassdoor,keyword:detail=2015

    VIDEO: Lifestyles of the Young & Fabulous

    Joshua Tan, Jeffrey Xu and Joyce Chu - the young stars of upcoming local movie, Young and Fabulous - share their "young and fabulous" lives with us. content:group=RazorPop,keyword:detail=joyce chu,keyword:detail=jeffrey xu,keyword:detail=joshua tan,keyword:detail=yougn and fabulous ,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Movies,content:category=Local,content:type=Entertainment

    VIDEO: Gurmit's Young and Fabulous Years

    Local actor Gurmit Singh reveals that despite growing up in a poor family, his teenage years left some indescribably fulfilling memories. Him and actress Quan Yi Fong also share their candid thoughts on being modern parents. keyword:detail=quan yifeng,content:group=RazorPop,keyword:detail=gurmit singh ,keyword:detail=young and fabulous,content:category=Movies,content:category=Local,location:region=Singapore,content:type=Entertainment

    VIDEO: Park Seo Joon fashion photo shoot

    Korean actor/model Park Seo Jun carries off the chic and stylish look with ease at his fashion photo shoot for BNT. Location:Region=Korea,Keyword:Detail=park seo jun,Keyword:Detail=korean,Keyword:Detail=kdrama,Keyword:Detail=korea,content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: Song Ji Eun fashion photo shoot

    Song Ji Eun of girl group Secret is looking sweet and sassy in her BNT fashion shoot. The singer recently released her very first solo mini album titled, 25. Location:Region=Korea,Keyword:Detail=secret,Keyword:Detail=song ji eun,Keyword:Detail=kpop,content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: Yang Dong Geun's BNT fashion photo shoot

    Korean actor/hip hop artist Yang Dong Geun plays it cool at hois BNT fashion photo shoot. content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea,keyword:detail=kpop,keyword:detail=korea

    VIDEO: Hong Soo-Ah's BNT fashion photoshoot

    Hong Soo-Ah's BNT fashion photoshoot content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,content:category=girl bands,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: The Astronomer - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the day - Jin Peng has been fascinated with astronomy since he was a child. He took his interest further by setting up the Galaxy Astronomy Club, while also helping to set up an observatory at the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club. This is Jin Peng. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=science

    VIDEO: The Paralympic Medalist - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the Day - Laurentia Tan only started horse riding as a form of physiotherapy. Embracing a relentless spirit, she overcame all odds and emerged victorious in the Paralympics. This is Laurentia Tan. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=home,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=sports

    VIDEO: The Pioneer - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the day - Mr Ting Chong Teng is the founder of Ponggol Seafood restaurant. He worked as a seaman, factory supervisor and took up additional jobs as a taxi driver to provide for the family. His is one of the many pioneers of Singapore who built a home for generations to come. This is Mr Ting Chong Teng. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=home,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: The Greatest Gift - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the Day - Stella is a bone marrow donor and Stacey is a Leukaemia survivor. They are connected through a most precious act of giving - a gift of life between two complete strangers. This is Stella and Stacey. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore

  • News


    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Wednesday, February 10

    Today's top news headlines: Constitutional Commission formed to review Elected Presidency, SAF detonates war relic at Changi Coast, and passenger dies on Singapore Airlines flight. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=constitutional commission,Keyword:Detail=elected presidency,Keyword:Detail=saf,Keyword:Detail=war relic,Keyword:Detail=changi coast,Keyword:Detail=passenger dies,Keyword:Detail=singapore airlines

    VIDEO: Search continues for survivors in a toppled building in Taiwan

    Family members await news of their loved ones as search continues for the fifth day in earthquake-struck Tainan. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=taiwan,Keyword:Detail=earthquake,Keyword:Detail=search and rescue,Keyword:Detail=toppled building,Keyword:Detail=tainan

    VIDEO: Sanders credits 'huge' voter turnout for victory

    Speaking after his victory in the New Hampshire primary, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says his win sends a strong message that the government belongs to all. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=bernie sanders,Keyword:Detail=hillary clinton,Keyword:Detail=democratic presidential candidate,Keyword:Detail=us presidential election,Keyword:Detail=new hampshire

    VIDEO: Clinton: 'I still love New Hampshire'

    Hillary Clinton congratulated rival Bernie Sanders telling supporters, 'It is not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up.' Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=hillary clinton,Keyword:Detail=new hampshire,Keyword:Detail=bernie sanders,Keyword:Detail=us presidential elections,Keyword:Detail=democratic presidential candidates

    VIDEO: Trump to New Hampshire: 'Remember you started it'

    Donald Trump thanked New Hampshire as he won the nation's first primary, vowing to be 'the greatest jobs President that God ever created' Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=donald trump,Keyword:Detail=republican presidential candidate,Keyword:Detail=us presidential election,Keyword:Detail=new hampshire

    VIDEO: Obama's final budget

    President Obama proposed a US$4.1 trillion spending plan for fiscal year 2017 in a final White House budget that met immediate Republican resistance. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=president barack obama,Keyword:Detail=budget,Keyword:Detail=medicare,Keyword:Detail=medicaid

    VIDEO: We condemn such violent acts: Hong Kong Chief Executive

    Hong Kong's Chief Executive says those involved in violent clashes with police over street vendors will be brought to justice. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=hong kong,Keyword:Detail=mongkok,Keyword:Detail=leung chun ying,Keyword:Detail=#fishballrevolution,Keyword:Detail=riot

    VIDEO: Leopard found in school grounds in India

    A spotted leopard was found wandering inside a school in India's Karnataka state. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=spotted leopard,Keyword:Detail=school,Keyword:Detail=india,Keyword:Detail=karnataka

    VIDEO: North Korean rocket puts object into space

    North Korea launch puts object into space, angers US and neighbours. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=north korea,Keyword:Detail=long range missile,Keyword:Detail=space,Keyword:Detail=rocket,Keyword:Detail=south korea,Keyword:Detail=park guen hye,Keyword:Detail=japan,Keyword:Detail=shinzo abe,Keyword:Detail=un security council

    VIDEO: Nine dead, scores hurt in German train crash

    German police say a head-on collision between two passenger trains near Munich has killed at least nine people and injured more than a hundred. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=train crash,Keyword:Detail=germany,Keyword:Detail=munich

    VIDEO: Celebrating the year of the Monkey with a bang in New York

    Hundreds of New Yorkers ring in the Lunar New Year. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=new york,Keyword:Detail=chinese new year,Keyword:Detail=lunar new year

    VIDEO: Zoolander stars warn about dangers of 'Blue Steel'

    Stars of Zoolander 2 Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig warn of the dangers of using Derek Zoolander's famed 'Blue Steel' pose. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=zoolander 2,Keyword:Detail=blue steel,Keyword:Detail=ben stiller,Keyword:Detail=owen wilson,Keyword:Detail=will ferrell,Keyword:Detail=kristen wiig

    VIDEO: Fans fete Deadpool's return to the big screen

    Deadpool, the popular alternative superhero comic character, returns in his own film after pressure from fans. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=deadpool,Keyword:Detail=ryan reynolds,Keyword:Detail=x-men,Keyword:Detail=marvel comics

    VIDEO: Happy Chinese New Year from The Straits Times

    Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=chinese new year,Keyword:Detail=lunar new year,Keyword:Detail=the straits times

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Friday, February 5

    Today's top news headlines: 'Missing' Singapore girl and Romanian boyfriend plan to marry, private banker withdraws request to release funds in 1MDB probe, and Singapore General Hospital to move closer to MRT stations. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=cheryl yan lay leng,Keyword:Detail=alexandru donea,Keyword:Detail=romania,Keyword:Detail=private banker,Keyword:Detail=1mdb probe,Keyword:Detail=yak yew chee,Keyword:Detail=singapore general hospital,Keyword:Detail=sgh,Keyword:Detail=mrt stations

    VIDEO: Masses head to China ahead of Lunar New Year

    The world's largest mass human migration is underway in China as people rush back home to celebrate the Lunar New Year with their families. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=lunar new year,Keyword:Detail=chinese new year,Keyword:Detail=cny,Keyword:Detail=china,Keyword:Detail=mass migration

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    VIDEO: RSAF Hotshot Challenge 2016

    RSAF Hotshot Challenge 2016 is a biennial competition among RSAF fighter squadrons. Held from Jan 25 to Feb 3, 2016, it pits the fighter squadrons among each other to test their operational capabilities and logistical skills. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=RSAF,Keyword:Detail=F-15SG,Keyword:Detail=F16,Keyword:Detail=Tengah Air Base,Keyword:Detail=Pulau Pawai,Keyword:Detail=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=fighter squadron,Keyword:Detail=strafing,Keyword:Detail=bombing

    VIDEO: Palm oil spill causes massive traffic jam on BKE

    Hundreds of commuters were affected by a massive traffic jam yesterday after an early morning accident caused an oil spill on the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). The spill, right after the Mandai Road exit towards Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), was caused by a leak in a Malaysian registered tanker carrying palm oil. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Transport,Keyword:Detail=Palm oil,Keyword:Detail=collision,Keyword:Detail=traffic jam,Keyword:Detail=tanker,Keyword:Detail=resurface,Keyword:Detail=tail back

    VIDEO: #Trending with Daryl Chin

    The Straits Times Social Media Editor Daryl Chin rounds up some of this week's online trends, from the audacious Fine Brothers to a very special Chinese New Year remix. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=daryl chin,Keyword:Detail=trending,Keyword:Detail=#trending,Keyword:Detail=fine brothers,Keyword:Detail=chinese new year,Keyword:Detail=pm lee

    VIDEO: Litter returns to Laneway

    Just like previous edition of Laneway Festival, venue was heavily littered after 12-hour event Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=M,Keyword:Detail=litter,Keyword:Detail=laneway festival,Keyword:Detail=trash

    VIDEO: Motorcyclist sent flying after driver tries to beat red light along South Bridge Road

    Motorcyclist sent flying after driver tries to beat red light along South Bridge Road Stomp content:type=stomp,content:category=singapore seen,location:region=singapore,keyword:detail=accident

    VIDEO: Happy Chinese New Year from The Straits Times

    Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=chinese new year,Keyword:Detail=lunar new year,Keyword:Detail=the straits times

    VIDEO: Turning Point: New direction after his wife died in a car crash

    While on a road trip with his wife and son in Colorado, Cheong Mun Sang crashed into another car, killing his wife and two Americans. The accident led him to quit his job. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=Cheong Mun Sang,Keyword:Detail=it changed my life,Keyword:Detail=turning point

    VIDEO: Signs of life in Taiwan as eight-year old is pulled from rubble

    Rescuers pull an eight-year-old girl out alive from the rubble of a Taiwan apartment block Monday, more than 60 hours after it was toppled by a quake. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=taiwan,Keyword:Detail=earthquake,Keyword:Detail=tsai ing wen,Keyword:Detail=apartment block,Keyword:Detail=topple

    VIDEO: SoShiok: Crazy for 'liu sha' croissant

    The oozing goodness of salted egg yolk 'liu sha' custard croissant by local cafe Flavour Flings has had netizens raving. No longer do foodies have to travel to Johor, Kuala Lumpur, or Hong Kong to taste the pastry. Sold out within 30 minutes of its launch, is the molten confectionery worth the long queues? content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=SoShiok,keyword:detail=liusha croissant,keyword:detail=salted egg yolk,keyword:detail=flavour flings

    VIDEO: Syarif & Malaque's 5 Things New Parents Need to Know

    Syarif, one half of former local hiphop duo Sleeq, and his wife Malaque became new parents after welcoming their first child, Selma Malika, on Dec 31st 2015. The couple tells TNP what new parents need to know about post-pregnancy. The New Paper Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Celebrities,Keyword:Detail=Syarif,Keyword:Detail=Malaque,Keyword:Detail=Selma Malika,Keyword:Detail=Sleeq

    VIDEO: Rabbit Island!

    Ever wanted to visit an Island full of Rabbits? Well you can! content:type=cover media

    VIDEO: Dog of Fortune and Monkey Dog descend on Chinatown

    Prop designer Donald Teo regularly dresses up his two dogs, Moo Moo and Nal Nal, according to the theme of the season. This Lunar New Year, it's the Dog of Fortune and the Monkey Dog. Some lucky enough to touch them have even won the lottery! Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=chinese new year,Keyword:Detail=lunar new year,Keyword:Detail=chinatown,Keyword:Detail=moo moo,Keyword:Detail=nal nal,Keyword:Detail=donald teo

    VIDEO: Office crowd stares as two guys brawl in the middle of China Square

    content:type=stomp,content:category=singapore seen,location:region=singapore,keyword:detail=fight,keyword:detail=dispute

    VIDEO: Swedish bouncing bunnies take London by storm

    Bouncing bunnies of Sweden prove a cuter alternative to showjumping horses. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Europe,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=sweden,Keyword:Detail=rabbits,Keyword:Detail=bunnies,Keyword:Detail=showjumping,Keyword:Detail=london

    VIDEO: Man hurls vulgarities at woman questioned him for talking bad about S'poreans on bus

    A Stomper saw a man and a woman get into a heated argument on a bus after the man allegedly insulted Singaporeans. content:type=stomp,content:category=singapore seen,location:region=singapore,keyword:detail=argue

    VIDEO: Celeb Chow Valentine's Day Special: Glenn Ong and Jean Danker

    For this week's Celeb Chow, TNP invited radio DJs, Glenn Ong and Jean Danker, to Catalunya @ Fullerton Pavillion to try their special Valentine's Day menu. More at www.tnp.sg/m The New Paper Content:Category=M,Keyword:Detail=Love,Keyword:Detail=Catalunya,Keyword:Detail=Valentine's Day,Keyword:Detail=Glenn Ong,Keyword:Detail=Jean Danker,Keyword:Detail=Celebrity Chow,Keyword:Detail=Celeb Chow,Content:Category=Celebrities,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Type=Entertainment