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    VIDEO: Looking for edible weeds at Dempsey

    Mr Bjorn Low, 34, founder of urban farming consultancy Edible Gardens, who has a strong interest in local plants, takes The Straits Times on a hunt for plants that include peperomia, a wild pepper varietal that grows well in shaded areas, and the herbaceous and startlingly bitter King Of Bitters, an inconspicuous shrub with dark green leaves. Keyword:Detail=bjorn low,Keyword:Detail=garden,Keyword:Detail=edible,Keyword:Detail=dempsey,Keyword:Detail=wild,Keyword:Detail=plants,Keyword:Detail=weeds,Keyword:Detail=foraging,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Type=News Singapore

    VIDEO: Digging for shellfish at Kranji Beach

    During low tide, one can forage for clams and mussels along Kranji Beach. There, while digging and trudging the mud flats with foraging enthusiast Nigel Lian, 26, a communications executive, The Straits Times found native horseshoe crabs, clams, and mussels. Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=foraging,Keyword:Detail=beach,Keyword:Detail=kranji,Keyword:Detail=clams,Keyword:Detail=mussels,Keyword:Detail=nigel lian

    VIDEO: Punters have their eye on the $12m Toto prize

    This year's $12 million Toto Hong Bao draw is $2 million more than last year's and second only to 2002, and punters are clamouring to place their bets. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=toto,Keyword:Detail=hongbao,Keyword:Detail=draw,Keyword:Detail=$12 million

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Friday, February 27

    Today's top headlines: Changes to IPPT standards; rise in salaries for fresh graduates; Yishun integrated transport hub to open in 2019. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=ippt,Keyword:Detail=changes,Keyword:Detail=salaries,Keyword:Detail=fresh,Keyword:Detail=graduates,Keyword:Detail=yishun ,Keyword:Detail=integrated transport hub

    VIDEO: Interview with Grace Yow

    The SkillsFuture Council member Grace Yow, who is executive VP of manufacturing at Fluidigm Corporation and spent 26 years at National Semiconductor, speaks about the council's ideas and plans and how she feels a culture of lifelong learning can be honed. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=supper,Keyword:Detail=club,Keyword:Detail=grace yow,Keyword:Detail=budget,Keyword:Detail=2015,Keyword:Detail=skillsfuture

    VIDEO: Internet traffic equality for all

    The US Federal Communications Commission is setting new so-called net neutrality rules to regulate web traffic. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Keyword:Detail=united states,Keyword:Detail=usa,Keyword:Detail=internet,Keyword:Detail=equality,Keyword:Detail=federal communications commission,Keyword:Detail=fcc,Keyword:Detail=netflix,Keyword:Detail=comcast,Keyword:Detail=verizon

    VIDEO: Llama drama in Arizona

    Llamas on the loose - as two of the animals dart through the streets of Sun City, Arizona, dodging police and traffic before finally being lassoed. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Americas,Keyword:Detail=arizona,Keyword:Detail=llama,Keyword:Detail=chase,Keyword:Detail=sun city,Keyword:Detail=united states,Keyword:Detail=usa

    VIDEO: Hong Kong woman who abused her Indonesian maid faces sentencing

    Former Hong Kong maid arrives at court for sentencing of her ex-employer who was found guilty of abuse Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Keyword:Detail=hong kong,Keyword:Detail=maid,Keyword:Detail=abuse,Keyword:Detail=court,Keyword:Detail=sentencing,Keyword:Detail=employer,Keyword:Detail=Law Wan-tung,Keyword:Detail=Erwiana Sulistyaningsih

    VIDEO: Jihadi John was 'a beautiful young man' - charity worker

    A charity worker who knew the man known as "Jihadi John", gets emotional during a news conference, saying Mohammed Emwazi was a "beautiful young man". Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=uk,Keyword:Detail=london,Keyword:Detail=charity,Keyword:Detail=cage,Keyword:Detail=mohammed emwazi,Keyword:Detail=jihadi john,Keyword:Detail=asim qureshi,Keyword:Detail=kuwait,Keyword:Detail=islamic state,Keyword:Detail=isis,Keyword:Detail=hostage

    VIDEO: Jihadi John’s path to ISIS

    The London-accented ISIS killer known as “Jihadi John,” who has featured prominently in the group’s gruesome beheading videos of Western hostages, has been identified as 27-year-old Mohammed Emwazi in a report by the Washington Post. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=isis,Keyword:Detail=islamic state,Keyword:Detail=jihadi john,Keyword:Detail=mohammed emwazi,Keyword:Detail=washington post,Keyword:Detail=kuwait,Keyword:Detail=london,Keyword:Detail=hostages

    VIDEO: Islamic State fighters smash priceless relics in Iraqi museum

    Islamic State posts video of its fighters destroying priceless antiquities dating back thousands of years. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=islamic state,Keyword:Detail=iraq,Keyword:Detail=mosul,Keyword:Detail=antiquities,Keyword:Detail=museum,Keyword:Detail=artifacts,Keyword:Detail=assyrians,Keyword:Detail=arcadians

    VIDEO: Prince William arrives in Japan

    The UK's Prince William arrives in Japan and takes a rainy tour of Tokyo Bay. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Keyword:Detail=japan,Keyword:Detail=tokyo,Keyword:Detail=prince william,Keyword:Detail=visit

    VIDEO: China now has more submarines than the US

    China now has more submarine vessels than the United States. According to top US Navy Admiral Joseph Mulloy, China has also simultaneously increased the geographic reach of the submarines and the length of time they stay at sea. Keyword:Detail=army,Keyword:Detail=usa,Keyword:Detail=united states,Keyword:Detail=defence,Keyword:Detail=submarine,Keyword:Detail=china,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Type=News World

    VIDEO: Afghans bury their dead after worst avalanches in decades

    Villagers in north Afghanistan are burying the more than 180 people killed in some of the region's worst avalanches in three decades. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=afghanistan,Keyword:Detail=avalanche,Keyword:Detail=bury,Keyword:Detail=decades,Keyword:Detail=khenj,Keyword:Detail=village

    VIDEO: Hopes for Modi's first full-year budget

    India announces a bold new budget plan to put the economy on a fast track to growth and Prince William visits China to promote business and cultural exchanges. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Keyword:Detail=india,Keyword:Detail=budget,Keyword:Detail=prime minister,Keyword:Detail=narendra modi

    VIDEO: North Korea shipping firm skirts sanctions by renaming ships

    According to a United Nations report, a North Korean company has been relabeling its vessels in order to evade sanctions. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Keyword:Detail=north korea,Keyword:Detail=sanctions,Keyword:Detail=united nations,Keyword:Detail=evade,Keyword:Detail=vessels,Keyword:Detail=ocean marine management,Keyword:Detail=circumvent

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    VIDEO: Pets Tseng's Singapore connection

    Taiwanese singer Pets Tseng has a phobia of heights, yet she is determined to ride the Singapore Flyer. Find out why Taiwanese singer Pets Tseng says Singapore is close to her heart, and what her message to Singapore fans is. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Asia Pop,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=pets tseng,keyword:detail=mandopop,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: The ideal man for Pets is...

    For 30-year-old Taiwanese singer Pets Tseng, romance is a topic that is hard to bring up with mum, but she happily dishes out qualities her ideal man must have to RazorTV. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Asia Pop,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=pets tseng,keyword:detail=mandopop,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Stef Sun, add me on FB!

    She's probably one of Singapore singer Stefanie Sun's biggest fans. She has been following Stefanie Sun's career for a long time, and buying and collecting her CDs. But most of all, she is dying to add Stefanie Sun on Facebook, . However, she is not your usual fan girl but Taiwanese singer-actress Pets Tseng. Pets is in Singapore to promote her debut album, I'm Pets, and tickets to her mini-concert were sold out in 8 hours. Find out why this singer idolises Stefanie so much. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Asia Pop,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=pets tseng,content:group=RazorPop,keyword:detail=stef sun ,keyword:detail=mandopop

    VIDEO: Singaporeans in Marco Polo production

    The Netflix-produced series, Marco Polo has yet to be distrubuted in Singapore, but it's hard not to spot a few familiar Singapore faces amongst its very international cast. RazorTV cornered two Singaporean actors - Vanessa Vanderstraaten and Nicholas Bloodworth - to talk about their experiences working on such a large-scale production. content:type=Entertainment,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=marco polo,keyword:detail=singapore,keyword:detail=vanessa vanderstraaten,keyword:detail=nicholas bloodworth,content:group=RazorPop,content:category=Hollywood,content:category=Entertainment

    VIDEO: Charmaine Sheh's most terrifying plane ride

    Formerly an aspiring air stewardess, Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh recounts a scary experience in the air during the Triumph in the Skies press conference at the Art Science Musuem. She also tells us why she wants to be Sammi Cheng. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Movies,content:category=Entertainment,content:group=RazorPop,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: Julian Cheung and Amber Kuo get cosy in bathtub scene

    A romantic bathtub scene was what brought him and co-star Amber Kuo closer together, said Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung during the Triumph in the Skies press conference at the Art Science Museum. He admits a lack of flirting finesse and called Louis Koo a liar. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Movies,content:category=Entertainment,location:region=Singapore,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Lady Gaga is a bride-to-be

    The Grammy winner announces her engagement to actor Taylor Kinnery. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=Music,Keyword:Detail=lady gaga,Keyword:Detail=taylor kinney,Keyword:Detail=engagement,Keyword:Detail=singer,Keyword:Detail=actor,Keyword:Detail=hollywood

    VIDEO: ST Sessions: sub:shaman - Sleuth

    Progressive-rockers Sub:Shaman perform "Sleuth" from their EP Outsider in this episode of ST Sessions, the new music video series produced by The Straits Times. Answer a simple quiz about the band to win a B&O headphone: http://str.sg/opL. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Music,Keyword:Detail=st sessions,Keyword:Detail=sub shaman

    VIDEO: Choi Siwon talks to The New Paper about his most unforgettable fun experience

    Choi Siwon talks to The New Paper about his most unforgettable fun experience Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=K-Pop

    VIDEO: John Cusack talks to The New Paper about Jackie Chan

    Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General

    VIDEO: Adrien Brody talks to The New Paper about the Oscars

    Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=General

    VIDEO: "Fifty Shades of Grey" a sexy box office hit

    The widely anticipated "Fifty Shades of Grey" adaptation of the best-selling novel rakes in a lustful $81.7 million at the box office. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=Movies,Keyword:Detail=50 shades of grey,Keyword:Detail=el james,Keyword:Detail=box office,Keyword:Detail=kingsman,Keyword:Detail=secret service,Keyword:Detail=spongebob movie

    VIDEO: New Found Glory: Hole in the Box

    American punk rock band New Found Glory get a taste of all things Singaporean in RazorTV's mystery box challenge. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Music,location:region=Global,keyword:detail=NFG,keyword:detail=New Found Glory,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Resurrection: New Found Glory

    Godfathers of punk, New Found Glory are resurrected eight years after their last performance here in Singapore. The band spill the beans on their latest album, Resurrection. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Music,location:region=Global,keyword:detail=NFG,keyword:detail=New Found Glory,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: How Singaporean is 'Singapura the Musical'?

    A musical about the struggles of young Singapore in the years between 1955 to 1965, Singapura the Musical tells the stories of ordinary Singaporeans during those rocky years. It might surprise you, but this musical is not written nor performed by Singaporeans. So how Singaporean can it get? We find out in this clip. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Theatre & Stage,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=singapura,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Singapura the Musical medley

    Here's a sneak peak of what to expect at Singapura the Musical. content:type=Entertainment,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=singapura,content:group=RazorPop,content:category=Theatre & Stage

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    VIDEO: Think you know...Vikings?

    We find out how much Singaporeans know about these fearsome Scandinavian warriors. Also, if you are a fan of the History channel's Vikings series, you might not want to miss the Vikings Village at Marine Square which is on till March 1st. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=vikings,keyword:detail=scandinavia,keyword:detail=travis fimmel

    VIDEO: SoShiok! Stefanie Sun and Christopher Lee's favourite Ngoh Hiang

    China Street Fritters at Maxwell Market is a favourite for celebrities and politicians alike. Unlike other Ngoh Hiang hawkers which have a huge variety of items, China Street Fritters only concentrates on a few items that they hand make everyday. We try this traditional hokkien ngoh hiang to find out if it is shiok or not! content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=so shiok,keyword:detail=food,keyword:detail=ngoh hiang,keyword:detail=stefanie sun,keyword:detail=christopher lee

    VIDEO: Celebrity Chow - Patricia Mok

    Soup's on for local comedienne Patricia Mok. M met up with the 43-year-old at Coca steamboat restaurant's latest outlet at Kallang Leisure Park. She loves lo hei, and claims she could eat it everyday for 15 days straight. But her Chinese New Year family tradition is steamboat. As for other festive treats, she lets on that if you see her eating pineapple tarts, it can only mean one thing... Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Makan,Keyword:Detail=patrica mok,Keyword:Detail=steamboat,Keyword:Detail=coca,Keyword:Detail=lo hei,Keyword:Detail=cny,Keyword:Detail=celeb chow,Keyword:Detail=m,Keyword:Detail=chinese new year

    VIDEO: Your feng shui strategy for Year of the Goat

    Chua Chee Hiang, Feng Shui Master at Pure Feng Shui, says wood and earth will be the key elements dominating this Lunar New Year content:type=cnbc,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=CNY,keyword:detail=goat,keyword:detail=fengshui

    VIDEO: Best Portuguese food in Asia

    Portugeuse food in Macau is more than just about Portugeuse egg tarts. Follow us on a food trail in Macau for some of the best Portugeuse food in Asia. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Hong Kong,keyword:detail=macau,keyword:detail=food,keyword:detail=portugeuse

    VIDEO: Portugeuse egg tarts to die for

    Where else would you get the most authentic Portugeuse egg tarts but at Lord Stow's bakery in Macau? It's one of the "die-die-must-try" foods when you visit Macau. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Hong Kong,content:category=Food,keyword:detail=macau,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: Hidden gems of Macau

    Forget the popular St Paul's ruins or over-visited Senado Square. We introduce some hidden gems of Macau that you can consider on your next visit there. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Hong Kong,content:category=Travel,keyword:detail=macau,keyword:detail=travel

    VIDEO: Otters at Gardens By The Bay wish you a happy Chinese New Year

    content:type=stomp,content:category=singapore seen,location:region=singapore,keyword:detail=otter

    VIDEO: How to make a Chinese New Year cocktail: Lucky 8 at Jigger & Pony

    Jigger & Pony bartender Long Yishu shows how to make the bar's special Chinese New Year cocktail, the Lucky 8. Ingredients include pomelo and gin. The cocktail is available at Jigger & Pony at Amoy St until March 5, 2015. More at www.tnp.sg The New Paper Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Food & Wine,Keyword:Detail=cocktail,Keyword:Detail=chinese new year,Keyword:Detail=singapore

    VIDEO: Bartender from Sugarhall shows us how to create a Salted Egg Yoke Daiquiri

    Music: Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Food & Wine,Keyword:Detail=Cocktails, Sugarhall, Chinese New Year

    VIDEO: Digital Life previews new cameras at CP+

    Digital Life's Trevor Tan brings you his first impressions from CP+ in Yokohama Japan, the event that showcases the latest from the camera and photo imaging industry. Keyword:Detail=sigma,Keyword:Detail=casio,Keyword:Detail=nikon,Keyword:Detail=canon,Keyword:Detail=pentax,Keyword:Detail=lumix,Keyword:Detail=show,Keyword:Detail=imaging,Keyword:Detail=camera,Keyword:Detail=cp+,Keyword:Detail=yokohama,Keyword:Detail=japan,Content:Category=Photo,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Type=Digital LIfe

    VIDEO: Stomper about to bite into Valentine's Day chocolates -- only to see 'holes' containing nasty surprise

    content:type=stomp,content:category=singapore seen,location:region=singapore,keyword:detail=disgusting,keyword:detail=insect

    VIDEO: Old school dim sum in Macau

    It's not just Hongkong that has the best dim sum, you can find old school style teahouses that serve up some of the most delectable dim sums a ferry ride away in Macau. The Cantonese influence is also found in the Cantonese style congee typical of breakfast fare in the former Portugeuese colony. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Hong Kong,keyword:detail=macau,keyword:detail=food,keyword:detail=travel

    VIDEO: Food with a view

    Macau may have been under Portugeuse rule for more than 300 years, but its cuisine has never forgotten its Chinese roots. At Sky21, you not only get a view to die for, but also some of the best Chinese food to go along with it. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Hong Kong,keyword:detail=macau,keyword:detail=food,keyword:detail=travel

    VIDEO: Think You Know... your significant other?

    RazorTV put the challenge to these couples to see how well they know each other. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=valentine's day,keyword:detail=love

    VIDEO: Young spellcasters wanted

    Sorry, not quite the call for apprentice magicians, but if you think you can spell, then check out this year's RHB-The Straits Times National Spelling Championship. The Big Spell is back, and on the search for bright young pupils who are able to spell difficult words! keyword:detail=spelling,keyword:detail=st,keyword:detail=rhb,keyword:detail=big spell,location:region=Singapore,content:type=Lifestyle

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    VIDEO: No club compensation a 2022 winter World Cup

    Fifa says clubs will not be compensated for losing players during winter World Cup tournament Content:Type=News Sports,Keyword:Detail=qatar,Keyword:Detail=fifa,Keyword:Detail=jerome valcke,Keyword:Detail=compensation,Keyword:Detail=club,Keyword:Detail=world cup,Keyword:Detail=2022

    VIDEO: Ireland beat UAE in a thrilling World Cup Pool B match

    Ireland hold their nerve to clinch a thrilling two-wicket victory in their World Cup Pool B match against United Arab Emirates. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Asia,Keyword:Detail=australia,Keyword:Detail=brisbane,Keyword:Detail=cricket,Keyword:Detail=ireland,Keyword:Detail=world cup,Keyword:Detail=united arab emirates

    VIDEO: Mei readies for new chapter in Malaysia

    China's Guangdong province badminton player Mei Qili has made Malaysia her second home after dating a local and playing in the inaugural Kopiko Purple professional badminton league in 2015. Content:Group=This Is Asia,Content:Category=Sports,Location:Region=Malaysia

    VIDEO: Qatar's costly World Cup conundrum

    A Fifa task force has recommended the Qatar World Cup is held in the cooler months of November and December 2022. But the decision may not go down well with Europe's big soccer clubs, their sponsors or broadcasters. Content:Type=News Sports,Content:Category=Football,Keyword:Detail=world cup,Keyword:Detail=2022,Keyword:Detail=qatar,Keyword:Detail=winter,Keyword:Detail=summer

    VIDEO: Winter 2022 World Cup in Qatar a necessary alternative

    German FA chief says the decision to hold the 2022 Qatar World Cup in the winter will be hard getting used to but a "necessary alternative". Keyword:Detail=president,Keyword:Detail=fa,Keyword:Detail=germany,Keyword:Detail=wolfgang niersbach,Keyword:Detail=qatar,Keyword:Detail=2022,Keyword:Detail=world cup,Content:Category=Football,Location:Region=Europe,Content:Type=News Sports

    VIDEO: Pakistan recalls chief cricket selector over casino visit

    Pakistan's chief cricket selector Mohammad Moin Khan is recalled from the World Cup after he visited a casino before the match against West Indies. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Asia,Keyword:Detail=cricket,Keyword:Detail=pakistan,Keyword:Detail=world cup,Keyword:Detail=west indies,Keyword:Detail=casino

    VIDEO: Arsenal's Wenger relishes pressure against Monaco

    Arsenal's Champions League match against Monaco produces the right sort of pressure, says Arsene Wenger and the Gunners are confident and committed. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Europe,Content:Category=Football,Keyword:Detail=arsenal,Keyword:Detail=monaco,Keyword:Detail=champions league,Keyword:Detail=arsene wenger,Keyword:Detail=gunners

    VIDEO: Fifa task force recommends shorter Qatar world cup in Winter

    The 2022 world cup in Qatar will be shortened and held in Winter if Fifa accepts its own task force's recommendations. Keyword:Detail=winter,Keyword:Detail=fifa,Keyword:Detail=qatar,Keyword:Detail=world cup,Content:Category=Football,Content:Type=News Sports

    VIDEO: Daughter best thing about great 2014 for Asian games gold medalist Daniel Caluag

    Daughter best thing about great 2014 for Asian games gold medalist Daniel Caluag. Content:Group=This Is Asia,Content:Category=Sports,Location:Region=Philippines,Keyword:Detail=asian,Keyword:Detail=games,Keyword:Detail=caluag

    VIDEO: Alonso stays in hospital for tests after crash

    F1 racer Fernando Alonso is stable but will have more tests after big crash during pre-season testing in Barcelona. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=f1,Keyword:Detail=formula one,Keyword:Detail=fernando alonso,Keyword:Detail=barcelona,Keyword:Detail=hospital,Keyword:Detail=mclaren,Keyword:Detail=crash

    VIDEO: Mourinho 'ashamed' of racist Chelsea fans

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says he is ashamed of the racist fans who pushed a black passenger off a metro train in Paris. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=premier league,Keyword:Detail=chelsea,Keyword:Detail=jose mourinho,Keyword:Detail=fans,Keyword:Detail=racist

    VIDEO: Liverpool victory would strengthen top-four finish, says Southampton's Koeman

    Southampton manager Ronald Koeman says Sunday's Premier League match against Liverpool could prove decisive in their quest for a top-four finish. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=premier league,Keyword:Detail=southampton,Keyword:Detail=liverpool,Keyword:Detail=ronald koeman

    VIDEO: Chelsea apologise to man racially abused by fans

    Chelsea apologise to the man who was racially abused by their fans saying the incident "disgusts" everyone at the club. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=chelsea,Content:Category=Football,Keyword:Detail=fans,Keyword:Detail=racist,Keyword:Detail=steve atkins

    VIDEO: Halep beats Pliskova in Dubai final

    Simona Halep overcomes Karolina Pliskovain the final of the Dubai Championships. Keyword:Detail=wta,Keyword:Detail=tennis,Keyword:Detail=dubai,Keyword:Detail=karolina pliskova,Keyword:Detail=simona halep,Content:Type=News Sports

    VIDEO: Bayern and Dortmund win again

    Lewandowski, Robben score twice as Bayern crush Paderborn and Borussia Dortmund edged past Stuttgart to climb out of the relegation zone with their third consecutive league win. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Football,Keyword:Detail=bayern munich,Keyword:Detail=robben,Keyword:Detail=lewandowski,Keyword:Detail=paderborn,Keyword:Detail=borussia dortmund,Keyword:Detail=stuttgart,Keyword:Detail=bundesliga

    VIDEO: Scott Croxall wins Crashed Ice challenge

    Scott Croxall climbs to the top of the World Crashed Ice Championship with an exciting victory in spectacular stage in Belfast. Content:Type=News Sports,Location:Region=Europe,Keyword:Detail=world crashed ice championship,Keyword:Detail=scott croxall,Keyword:Detail=belfast

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    VIDEO: Scientists discover 1000-year-old monk inside Buddha statue

    A CT-scan of an ancient Buddha statue has led to the unique discovery of a mummified Chinese monk, dating back to the 11th century and preserved in the same position as its exterior statue. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=ct,Keyword:Detail=scan,Keyword:Detail=buddha,Keyword:Detail=mummified,Keyword:Detail=statue,Keyword:Detail=monk,Keyword:Detail=drents museum,Keyword:Detail=dutch,Keyword:Detail=netherlands,Keyword:Detail=assen

    VIDEO: SoShiok! Stefanie Sun and Christopher Lee's favourite Ngoh Hiang

    China Street Fritters at Maxwell Market is a favourite for celebrities and politicians alike. Unlike other Ngoh Hiang hawkers which have a huge variety of items, China Street Fritters only concentrates on a few items that they hand make everyday. We try this traditional hokkien ngoh hiang to find out if it is shiok or not! content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=so shiok,keyword:detail=food,keyword:detail=ngoh hiang,keyword:detail=stefanie sun,keyword:detail=christopher lee

    VIDEO: Lee Kuan Yew on the meaning of life

    Find out Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew's take on the meaning of life in this clip. He was asked about this during a dialogue session held at Shell's 120th anniversary celebrations. SPH content:type=News,content:group=News,content:group=Singapore Now

    VIDEO: Budget and the number 5

    From education to CPF, find out what Budget 2015 has in store for Singaporeans. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=budget,Keyword:Detail=sg50,Keyword:Detail=tharman shanmugaratnam,Keyword:Detail=2015,Keyword:Detail=cpf,Keyword:Detail=gst,Keyword:Detail=skillsfuture

    VIDEO: #BuildSG2065 - Your stage, your Singapore

    Building Communities – Setting the stage for Singapore2065&nbsp;<div><br></div><div>As we celebrate SG50, look ahead and imagine what Singapore’s future built environment will look like in 2065. Will Singapore be covered in a dome, sheltered from extreme weather? Will we live underground, or even underwater? How about holding a wedding in outer space?</div><div><br></div><div>Share your ideas with us at <a href="http://capitaland.com/BuildSG2065">http://capitaland.com/BuildSG2065</a>.</div> content:type=News,content:category=Home,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=#buildsg2065,keyword:detail=capitaland,content:group=Singapore Now

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Tuesday, February 24

    Today's top news headlines: Pump prices up across the board, KFC staff goes the extra mile, and Director-General of Education to retire after 36 years. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=pump,Keyword:Detail=prices,Keyword:Detail=petrol,Keyword:Detail=budget,Keyword:Detail=duty,Keyword:Detail=kfc,Keyword:Detail=education,Keyword:Detail=director-general,Keyword:Detail=ho peng,Keyword:Detail=retire

    VIDEO: Female commuter hurls vulgarities at MRT staff and threatens to 'sack' all of them

    Stomp content:type=stomp,content:category=singapore seen,location:region=singapore

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Wednesday, February 25

    Today's top news headlines: Petrol companies asked to justify price hike, dry weather expected until March and DBS and POSB launches SMS queue system. Keyword:Detail=queue,Keyword:Detail=sms,Keyword:Detail=posb,Keyword:Detail=dbs,Keyword:Detail=february,Keyword:Detail=dry,Keyword:Detail=weather,Keyword:Detail=duty,Keyword:Detail=increase,Keyword:Detail=tax,Keyword:Detail=price,Keyword:Detail=petrol,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Type=News Singapore

    VIDEO: Your feng shui strategy for Year of the Goat

    Chua Chee Hiang, Feng Shui Master at Pure Feng Shui, says wood and earth will be the key elements dominating this Lunar New Year content:type=cnbc,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=CNY,keyword:detail=goat,keyword:detail=fengshui

    VIDEO: Year of the Goat - 2015 Chinese Horoscope

    Find out what 2015 holds for those born in the Year of the Goat. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Hobbies,keyword:detail=chinese,keyword:detail=zodiac,keyword:detail=horoscope

    VIDEO: Police Taser a man armed with a knife at Toa Payoh Central

    A man was Tasered by police after he brandished a knife at a coffeeshop in Toa Payoh Central on Monday. Video via STOMP. Content:Type=News Singapore

    VIDEO: The top four are crowned at the 2015 Oscars

    The top acting awards at the Oscars were not surprising. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=Movies,Keyword:Detail=academy awards,Keyword:Detail=oscars,Keyword:Detail=julianne moore,Keyword:Detail=eddie remayne,Keyword:Detail=patricia arquette,Keyword:Detail=jk simmons,Keyword:Detail=best,Keyword:Detail=actress,Keyword:Detail=still alice,Keyword:Detail=theory of everything,Keyword:Detail=boyhood,Keyword:Detail=whiplash

    VIDEO: We test Rozz and Justin how well they know each other.

    Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Celebrities,Keyword:Detail=Rozz Lee, justin vanderstraaten, valentine's day,Keyword:Detail=, Rosalyn Lee

    VIDEO: Routh jailed for life for murdering 'American Sniper' Kyle

    A jury in Texas finds Eddie Ray Routh guilty of murdering Chris Kyle, the former US Navy SEAL whose autobiography was turned into the hit movie "American Sniper." Keyword:Detail=american sniper,Keyword:Detail=seal,Keyword:Detail=navy,Keyword:Detail=chris kyle,Keyword:Detail=eddie ray routh,Keyword:Detail=texas,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Type=News World

    VIDEO: "Fifty Shades of Grey" a sexy box office hit

    The widely anticipated "Fifty Shades of Grey" adaptation of the best-selling novel rakes in a lustful $81.7 million at the box office. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Americas,Content:Category=Movies,Keyword:Detail=50 shades of grey,Keyword:Detail=el james,Keyword:Detail=box office,Keyword:Detail=kingsman,Keyword:Detail=secret service,Keyword:Detail=spongebob movie

    VIDEO: How Singaporeans pick their Toto numbers

    From birthdays to door numbers, find out how Singaporeans pick their Toto numbers and what they'll do if they win the $10 million prize. content:type=News,content:category=General,keyword:detail=toto,keyword:detail=queue,keyword:detail=line,keyword:detail=7-11,keyword:detail=numbers,keyword:detail=million

  • Extra!


    VIDEO: Park Seo Joon fashion photo shoot

    Korean actor/model Park Seo Jun carries off the chic and stylish look with ease at his fashion photo shoot for BNT. Location:Region=Korea,Keyword:Detail=park seo jun,Keyword:Detail=korean,Keyword:Detail=kdrama,Keyword:Detail=korea,content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: Song Ji Eun fashion photo shoot

    Song Ji Eun of girl group Secret is looking sweet and sassy in her BNT fashion shoot. The singer recently released her very first solo mini album titled, 25. Location:Region=Korea,Keyword:Detail=secret,Keyword:Detail=song ji eun,Keyword:Detail=kpop,content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: Yang Dong Geun's BNT fashion photo shoot

    Korean actor/hip hop artist Yang Dong Geun plays it cool at hois BNT fashion photo shoot. content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea,keyword:detail=kpop,keyword:detail=korea

    VIDEO: Hong Soo-Ah's BNT fashion photoshoot

    Hong Soo-Ah's BNT fashion photoshoot content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,content:category=girl bands,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: The Astronomer - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the day - Jin Peng has been fascinated with astronomy since he was a child. He took his interest further by setting up the Galaxy Astronomy Club, while also helping to set up an observatory at the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club. This is Jin Peng. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=science

    VIDEO: The Paralympic Medalist - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the Day - Laurentia Tan only started horse riding as a form of physiotherapy. Embracing a relentless spirit, she overcame all odds and emerged victorious in the Paralympics. This is Laurentia Tan. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=home,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=sports

    VIDEO: The Pioneer - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the day - Mr Ting Chong Teng is the founder of Ponggol Seafood restaurant. He worked as a seaman, factory supervisor and took up additional jobs as a taxi driver to provide for the family. His is one of the many pioneers of Singapore who built a home for generations to come. This is Mr Ting Chong Teng. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=home,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: The Greatest Gift - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the Day - Stella is a bone marrow donor and Stacey is a Leukaemia survivor. They are connected through a most precious act of giving - a gift of life between two complete strangers. This is Stella and Stacey. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: How to Grow Vegetables at Home

    Learn how to grow your own vegetables from our expert at Singapore Botanic Gardens! content:type=Nparks,content:category=do it yourself,content:category=fruits and vegetables,content:category=tips,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: Commemorating 50 years of Greening Singapore Music Video

    To commemorate 50 years of Greening Singapore, we specially produced this MTV to reach out to more Singaporeans to enjoy and appreciate the greenery in our City in a Garden! We would like to thank many people who have volunteered for this project including local singer & songwriter Lorraine Tan (song, lyrics, vocal), popular Singaporean Youtube personalities Dr Jiajia & Big Bro, local actress Paige Chua, and many sponsors who have come on board to make this possible. content:type=Nparks,content:category=outdoor,content:category=parks and gardens,location:region=Singapore