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    VIDEO: Ferry sinks off Philippines, dozens dead

    A ferry sinks off the coast of the Philppines and kills at least 36 people, coast guard and police say. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=philippines,Keyword:Detail=ferry,Keyword:Detail=capsize,Keyword:Detail=death toll,Keyword:Detail=search and recovery

    VIDEO: Taiwan crash pilot 'pulled the wrong throttle'

    Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council report says the captain of a TransAsia Airways mistakenly switched off the plane's only working engine. Content:Type=News World,Location:Region=Asia,Content:Category=General,Keyword:Detail=taiwan,Keyword:Detail=transasia,Keyword:Detail=plane crash,Keyword:Detail=engine failure,Keyword:Detail=throttle

    VIDEO: IMF 'solid and strong' despite Greek debt: Lagarde

    In an interview with Reuters, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde says if Greece leaves the Eurozone, the IMF will continue to engage with Athens in hopes of reform. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=imf,Keyword:Detail=greece,Keyword:Detail=debt,Keyword:Detail=default,Keyword:Detail=christine lagarde

    VIDEO: Sotheby's sees record London contemporary art sale despite Bacon failure

    The star attraction in Sotheby's contemporary art sale flops, but Andy Warhol's One Dollar is a top seller, fetching 20.9 million pounds (US$32.4 million). Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=sotheby's,Keyword:Detail=andy warhol,Keyword:Detail=francis bacon,Keyword:Detail=study of a pope I

    VIDEO: White House fence gets spiky security enhancement

    The White House is adding new "pencil point" spikes to the top of the security fence in a short-term bid to thwart intrusions at the US executive mansion. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=white house,Keyword:Detail=security,Keyword:Detail=spiked fence

    VIDEO: Europe swelters in heatwave

    Europeans try to stay cool as extremely scorching temperatures sweep from Spain to Germany. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=europe,Keyword:Detail=heatwave

    VIDEO: Amateur video shows aftermath of Tunisia attack

    Amateur video filmed by a local man and obtained by Reuters, captures the harrowing moments during and after the June 26 attack on tourists in a Sousse resort in Tunisia. Some viewers may find the images disturbing. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=tunisia,Keyword:Detail=sousse resort,Keyword:Detail=attack

    VIDEO: Trumps sues Univision for US$500 million

    Donald Trump demands Univision pay up for dumping his pageant. Macy's drops Trump products. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=donald trump,Keyword:Detail=univision,Keyword:Detail=miss usa pageant,Keyword:Detail=macy's

    VIDEO: Thousands call for free elections at Hong Kong rally

    Tens of thousands rally for free elections in Hong Kong as the city marks the 18th anniversary of its return to China. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=hong kong,Keyword:Detail=rally,Keyword:Detail=free elections,Keyword:Detail=democracy

    VIDEO: Lion cubs debut to the public at French zoo

    Three lion cubs born in April make their first public appearence at Vincennes Zoo. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=zoo,Keyword:Detail=lion cubs,Keyword:Detail=france,Keyword:Detail=vincennes zoo

    VIDEO: Obama formally opens US diplomatic ties with Cuba

    US President Barack Obama says Americans and Cubans "are ready to move forward" as he announces an agreement to reopen embassies in both countries. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=united states,Keyword:Detail=cuba,Keyword:Detail=barack obama,Keyword:Detail=diplomatic ties

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Wednesday, July 1

    Today's top news headlines: High damages are sought in the defamation case against Roy Ngerng, the Singapore-JB shuttle train commences, and Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea is mobbed by fans in Singapore. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=lee hsien loong,Keyword:Detail=roy ngerng,Keyword:Detail=singapore-jb,Keyword:Detail=shuttle train,Keyword:Detail=manchester united,Keyword:Detail=david de gea

    VIDEO: Got a second?

    Crowds gather to watch an extra second being added to Japan's standard clock, in line with a UN body decision to harmonise atomic time. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=atomic time,Keyword:Detail=japan,Keyword:Detail=clocks

    VIDEO: Indonesia plane crash death toll passes 140

    Rescuers search through the wreckage of a plane crash in Indonesia that killed more than 140 people. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=indonesia air crash,Keyword:Detail=military plane,Keyword:Detail=medan

    VIDEO: Greece misses 1.5 billion euro IMF payment

    The International Monetary Fund announces that Greece did not make a 1.5 billion euro payment to the Fund, putting Athens in uncharted territory. Content:Type=News Business,Keyword:Detail=imf,Keyword:Detail=greece,Keyword:Detail=default,Keyword:Detail=debt

    VIDEO: Channel Tunnel blocked by angry workers

    French port workers have again, blocked the Channel Tunnel between France and UK in an ongoing dispute over job security. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=channel tunnel,Keyword:Detail=blockade,Keyword:Detail=france,Keyword:Detail=uk

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    VIDEO: Touch My Body by SISTAR

    This SISTAR song, a casual invitation to "Touch My Body", just drives the fanboys crazy. content:type=Entertainment,location:region=Korea,content:category=K-pop,keyword:detail=SISTAR,keyword:detail=K-pop,content:group=OK-Pop,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Ma Boy by SISTAR

    In Singapore for the official opening of the new Skechers flagship store, K-pop idols SISTAR showed off their famous body waves as they performed one of their all-time favourites, Ma Boy. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea,keyword:detail=SISTAR,keyword:detail=K-pop,content:group=OK-Pop,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Shake it with SISTAR

    Sexy K-pop idols SISTAR shake it up with this performance of their newest single, Shake It, while in Singapore for the official opening of the new Skechers flagship store. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea,keyword:detail=SISTAR,keyword:detail=K-pop,content:group=OK-Pop,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to live together after divorce

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have confirmed they are divorcing, announcing the news a day after their tenth-wedding anniversary. Here's the latest on their split. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Sean Penn already dating after Charlize split

    Less than 2 weeks after splitting from Charlize Theron, it looks like Sean Penn is already pursuing romance with another actress. He was spotted having an extravagant dinner with Minka Kelly in California to celebrate her 35th birthday. Was this their first date? content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: All about new release 'Minions'

    The Minions are back! After the 'Despicable Me' series, where we saw the yellow creatures help the super villain Gru, the super cute organisms now have their own movie. And in this one, they have only one thing on their mind - finding a new master to serve. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Celebrity Closeup: Arnold Schwarzenegger

    We take a close look at Arnold Schwarzenegger. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Box Office Top 5

    Welcome to this week's box office countdown with 2 newcomers this week. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Upcoming Release: 'Kung Fu Panda 3'

    In the animation flick 'Kung Fu Panda 3' we once again see the adventures of Po who reunites with his biological father and returns to his birthplace, a secret panda paradise where he actually doesn't fit in. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Upcoming Release: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

    'The Hunger Games' series are without a doubt some of the coolest movies to be released in the past couple of years. Now first footage of the final instalment has been revealed, so we'll soon find out how Katniss' battle ends in 'Mockingjay - Part 2'. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: Vin Diesel unveils new 'Fast and Furious' theme park ride

    Vin Diesel has just opened the new ‘Fast and Furious - Supercharge’ ride at Universal Studios and has dedicated the joy ride to his late co-star and close friend Paul Walker. Vin was joined by his co-stars Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and Jason Statham at the ribbon cutting… or perhaps bolt-cutting is more appropriate. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: 'Harry Potter' spin-off continues its cast search

    The 'Harry Potter' spin-off 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is still looking to lock down a cast before shooting begins later this year. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=UK

    VIDEO: Kit Harington takes over for Robert Pattinson

    'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington is riding the success of his hit show to movie stardom as well. It was recently announced that the British hunk will join the cast of the upcoming movie 'Brimstone'. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=UK

    VIDEO: Shia LaBeouf hospitalised with head injury

    Actor and performance artist Shia LaBeouf was taken to hospital after sustaining a head injury while filming his upcoming movie ‘American Honey’. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: The greatest director of all time: Steven Spielberg

    Steven Spielberg is without any question one of the greatest directors in movie history. We take a look at the life and career of this movie-making mastermind. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood

    VIDEO: 'Furious 7' DVD to feature extended cut

    Fans of high octane action rejoice, because 'Furious 7' is coming to DVD, and the Blu-ray version will include an extended cut of the film as well as over 100 minutes of extras. The Vin Diesel blockbuster broke box office records when it was released back in April, earning over $1.5 billion worldwide. content:type=cover media,location:region=Hollywood,content:category=Movies

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    VIDEO: Five card tricks to impress a girl

    Running out of ideas to capture the attention of a special someone? Or just looking for new party tricks? You might want to pick up cardistry, the aesthetic manipulation of playing cards. Huron Low of The Virts shows us five card tricks to make an impression. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=cardistry,keyword:detail=cards,keyword:detail=magic

    VIDEO: Think You Know... Ramadan?

    Does an astronaut in space need to fast during Ramadan? Name a few countries where Muslims will fast for more than 20 hours. Let's find out! Test your knowledge of the holy month of Ramadan. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=History,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: Local cardists put Singapore on the map

    Cardistry, or card flourishing, is a small but booming scene, and local cardistry group The Virts is one of its key players. Co-founder Huron Low talks about this unconventional art form, and shares how The Virts turned their hobby group into a thriving business. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=cardistry,keyword:detail=cards,keyword:detail=magic

    VIDEO: So Shiok! The wagyu of ducks

    Singaporean joint-venture London Fat Duck lays claim to having the "best duck in the world". Can they beat Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant to that title? The So Shiok team compares the two and chooses their preference. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=so shiok,keyword:detail=food,keyword:detail=shiok

    VIDEO: Food OD at ODP (New Noms Ep 5)

    Kale broth, guacamole risotto, chocolate pistachio souffle... Overdose on Chef Daniele's creative list of starters, mains and desserts at Open Door Policy (ODP), guaranteed to make you return again and again for more. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Food,keyword:detail=new noms

    VIDEO: Making the jump of a lifetime

    Skydiving isn't for the faint-hearted or those afraid of heights. It's a true test of the ultimate thrill-seeking experience. We take to the skies over Thailand for the jump of a lifetime. keyword:detail=jump,keyword:detail=skydiving,keyword:detail=thailand,location:region=Global,content:category=Sports,content:type=Lifestyle

    VIDEO: SoShiok! Best duck in the world?

    The world-famous roast duck from London's Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant has finally reached our shores. Is this really the best roast duck the SoShiok team has tried? Watch to find out our verdict. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=soshiok,keyword:detail=duck,keyword:detail=london,keyword:detail=fourseasons,keyword:detail=chinese,keyword:detail=retaurant

    VIDEO: One of the world’s best short bike rides

    The Shimanami Kaido cycling route in Hiroshima Japan - Experiencing 77 km, 7 bridges and 6 islands on a bicycle. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Travel,content:category=Sports,location:region=Global,keyword:detail=japan,keyword:detail=cycle,keyword:detail=bike

    VIDEO: Dare to try this poisonous fish? (New Noms Ep 4)

    Fugu sashimi, fugu karaage and even a hot sake with fugu fin. This poisonous puffer fish is available in various forms at Fuku, Singapore’s first and only fugu-centric restaurant. content:type=Lifestyle,location:region=Singapore,content:category=Food,keyword:detail=new noms,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: Windows 10 to launch July 29

    Microsoft has to get it right this time in light of the unpopularity of its predecessor, Windows 8. Content:Type=Digital LIfe,Location:Region=Middle East,Keyword:Detail=microsoft,Keyword:Detail=windows 10,Keyword:Detail=windows 8,Keyword:Detail=software,Keyword:Detail=operating system,Keyword:Detail=internet explorer,Keyword:Detail=microsoft edge

    VIDEO: Lion mauls American tourist to death in South African park

    Lion jumps into vehicle and mauls American woman to death at The Lion Park in Johannesburg. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=south africa,Keyword:Detail=tourist,Keyword:Detail=lion,Keyword:Detail=maul,Keyword:Detail=the lion park

    VIDEO: Japanese Izakaya with a twist (New Noms Ep 3)

    The traditional Japanese Izakaya goes urban with this concept new at the Neon Pigeon, which has come to roost at Keong Saik. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=new noms,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: Gwyneth Paltrow launches line of organic ready meals

    Gwyneth Paltrow has become just as famous for her lifestyle brand as she is for her acting, but now she’s entered into the catering business, making her latest venture ‘3 Green Hearts’, which is a line of gluten-free organic ready meals. content:type=cover media,content:category=Movies,location:region=Hollywood,keyword:detail=gwyneth,keyword:detail=paltrow

    VIDEO: So Shiok! Tasty bentos under 450 calories

    Unhappy with the unhealthy eating choices in Singapore, best friends Charles Ng and Dionis Chiua set up Lean Bento in Raffles Place selling low-caloried healthy meals that promise not to stint on taste. Find out if the So Shiok team gets won over by the guilt-free eating concept. keyword:detail=food,keyword:detail=shiok,keyword:detail=so shiok!,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,content:type=Lifestyle

    VIDEO: Japan's fox village

    If you love cute, furry animals, a trip to Japan's fox village should be on your agenda. Take a peek here. keyword:detail=animals,keyword:detail=fox,keyword:detail=japan,location:region=Global,content:category=Travel,content:type=Lifestyle

    VIDEO: Dine like Korean royalty at Guksu (New Noms Ep 2)

    Originally a dish for Korean nobility and members of the royal court, anyone can now enjoy jeongol, an elaborate stew or casserole similar to the more popularly known jjigae in Korean cuisine. While jjigae was a simpler dish for commoners, and generally made with only a single main ingredient (for example, kimchi jjigae or sundubu jjigae), jeongol usually contaisn a variety of main ingredients including top-quality meats, vegetables, pastes and sauces. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Food,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=new noms,keyword:detail=guksu

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    VIDEO: Lifestyles of the Young & Fabulous

    Joshua Tan, Jeffrey Xu and Joyce Chu - the young stars of upcoming local movie, Young and Fabulous - share their "young and fabulous" lives with us. content:type=Entertainment,content:category=Local,content:category=Movies,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=yougn and fabulous ,keyword:detail=joshua tan,keyword:detail=jeffrey xu,keyword:detail=joyce chu,content:group=RazorPop

    VIDEO: Gurmit's Young and Fabulous Years

    Local actor Gurmit Singh reveals that despite growing up in a poor family, his teenage years left some indescribably fulfilling memories. Him and actress Quan Yi Fong also share their candid thoughts on being modern parents. keyword:detail=quan yifeng,content:group=RazorPop,keyword:detail=gurmit singh ,keyword:detail=young and fabulous,content:category=Movies,content:category=Local,location:region=Singapore,content:type=Entertainment

    VIDEO: Park Seo Joon fashion photo shoot

    Korean actor/model Park Seo Jun carries off the chic and stylish look with ease at his fashion photo shoot for BNT. Location:Region=Korea,Keyword:Detail=park seo jun,Keyword:Detail=korean,Keyword:Detail=kdrama,Keyword:Detail=korea,content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: Song Ji Eun fashion photo shoot

    Song Ji Eun of girl group Secret is looking sweet and sassy in her BNT fashion shoot. The singer recently released her very first solo mini album titled, 25. Location:Region=Korea,Keyword:Detail=secret,Keyword:Detail=song ji eun,Keyword:Detail=kpop,content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: Yang Dong Geun's BNT fashion photo shoot

    Korean actor/hip hop artist Yang Dong Geun plays it cool at hois BNT fashion photo shoot. content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,location:region=Korea,keyword:detail=kpop,keyword:detail=korea

    VIDEO: Hong Soo-Ah's BNT fashion photoshoot

    Hong Soo-Ah's BNT fashion photoshoot content:type=BNT News International,content:category=K-pop,content:category=girl bands,location:region=Korea

    VIDEO: The Astronomer - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the day - Jin Peng has been fascinated with astronomy since he was a child. He took his interest further by setting up the Galaxy Astronomy Club, while also helping to set up an observatory at the Woodlands Galaxy Community Club. This is Jin Peng. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=science

    VIDEO: The Paralympic Medalist - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the Day - Laurentia Tan only started horse riding as a form of physiotherapy. Embracing a relentless spirit, she overcame all odds and emerged victorious in the Paralympics. This is Laurentia Tan. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=home,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=sports

    VIDEO: The Pioneer - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the day - Mr Ting Chong Teng is the founder of Ponggol Seafood restaurant. He worked as a seaman, factory supervisor and took up additional jobs as a taxi driver to provide for the family. His is one of the many pioneers of Singapore who built a home for generations to come. This is Mr Ting Chong Teng. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=home,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=food

    VIDEO: The Greatest Gift - Singaporean of the Day

    Singaporean of the Day - Stella is a bone marrow donor and Stacey is a Leukaemia survivor. They are connected through a most precious act of giving - a gift of life between two complete strangers. This is Stella and Stacey. content:type=singaporeanoftheday,content:category=people,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: How to Grow Vegetables at Home

    Learn how to grow your own vegetables from our expert at Singapore Botanic Gardens! location:region=Singapore,content:category=tips,content:category=fruits and vegetables,content:category=do it yourself,content:type=Nparks

    VIDEO: Commemorating 50 years of Greening Singapore Music Video

    To commemorate 50 years of Greening Singapore, we specially produced this MTV to reach out to more Singaporeans to enjoy and appreciate the greenery in our City in a Garden! We would like to thank many people who have volunteered for this project including local singer & songwriter Lorraine Tan (song, lyrics, vocal), popular Singaporean Youtube personalities Dr Jiajia & Big Bro, local actress Paige Chua, and many sponsors who have come on board to make this possible. location:region=Singapore,content:category=parks and gardens,content:category=outdoor,content:type=Nparks

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    VIDEO: Singaporean breaks pull-up world record

    Singaporean Guinness Record Holder Yeo Kim Yeong demonstates the proper technique for doing pull-ups and goes head to head with The New Paper's very own David Sun in a 20-second challenge. Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=Guinness Book of World Records,Keyword:Detail=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=Pull-ups

    VIDEO: A Greek default on IMF doesn't matter: DBS

    Since Greece said it won't be able to make a debt repayment to the IMF on Tuesday, the new deadline of July 20 when a repayment is due to the ECB will be more important, says Radhika Rao, economist at DBS. content:type=cnbc,content:category=Wealth and the economy,location:region=World

    VIDEO: Think You Know... Ramadan?

    Does an astronaut in space need to fast during Ramadan? Name a few countries where Muslims will fast for more than 20 hours. Let's find out! Test your knowledge of the holy month of Ramadan. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=History,location:region=Singapore

    VIDEO: TKPS healing as a community

    The June holidays are over and it's back to school for the pupils of Tanjong Katong Primary School. School principal Caroline Wu says support is in place for to help the school community get over the loss of seven pupils and two teachers who lost their lives when the 6.0 magnitude struch Sabah. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=tkps,Keyword:Detail=tanjong katong primary school,Keyword:Detail=sabah eartrhquake

    VIDEO: Preview of NDP50 aerial displays

    Are you a huge fan of the aerial flypasts during National Day? Check out what special formation the RSAF has in store for Singapore's 50th birthday - which will includes more than 20 jets! More at www.tnp.sg The New Paper Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=national day,Keyword:Detail=ndp,Keyword:Detail=sg50,Keyword:Detail=fighter jet,Keyword:Detail=national day parade,Keyword:Detail=flypast

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Tuesday, June 30

    Today's top news headlines: GST voucher benefits will be released in July, a Singaporean injured in the Taipei fire returns, and The Straits Times is relaunching on July 1. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=gst vouchers,Keyword:Detail=taipei water park fire

    VIDEO: ST Sessions: Tay Kewei, a Disney songstress?

    Catch Mandopop singer Tay Kewei in this episode of ST Sessions, the new music video series produced by The Straits Times, then enter a contest to win a B&O headphone: http://str.sg/4zq. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=Music,Keyword:Detail=tay kewei,Keyword:Detail=st sessions,Keyword:Detail=straits times,Keyword:Detail=mandopop,Keyword:Detail=singer

    VIDEO: Passengers die in Japan train drama

    Two passengers on a Japanese Shinkansen bullet train died after one covered himself in fuel and set himself ablaze, according to media reports. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=japan,Keyword:Detail=bullet train,Keyword:Detail=shinkansen,Keyword:Detail=fire

    VIDEO: Local cardists put Singapore on the map

    Cardistry, or card flourishing, is a small but booming scene, and local cardistry group The Virts is one of its key players. Co-founder Huron Low talks about this unconventional art form, and shares how The Virts turned their hobby group into a thriving business. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=cardistry,keyword:detail=cards,keyword:detail=magic

    VIDEO: The Straits Times: New look, new ideas, same Singapore soul

    Content:Type=News Singapore,Location:Region=Singapore,Keyword:Detail=the straits times,Keyword:Detail=relaunch,Keyword:Detail=st170

    VIDEO: Five card tricks to impress a girl

    Running out of ideas to capture the attention of a special someone? Or just looking for new party tricks? You might want to pick up cardistry, the aesthetic manipulation of playing cards. Huron Low of The Virts shows us five card tricks to make an impression. content:type=Lifestyle,content:category=Hobbies,location:region=Singapore,keyword:detail=cardistry,keyword:detail=cards,keyword:detail=magic

    VIDEO: Sezairi sings Selemat Pagi from the film 1965

    At a press conference for the SG50 film 1965. Local singer Sezairi entertained the crowd with an acoustic version of a number from the upcoming film. Content:Type=Entertainment,Location:Region=Singapore,Content:Category=M,Keyword:Detail=sezairi,Keyword:Detail=1965,Keyword:Detail=lim kay tong,Keyword:Detail=acoustic,Keyword:Detail=joannne peh,Keyword:Detail=lky,Keyword:Detail=Selemat Pagi

    VIDEO: News In A Minute: Monday, June 29

    Singapore youth put on Restriction Order under Internal Security Act; man in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital shooting faces two more charges; cancer-stricken 'Parrot Man' now sells tissue paper. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=restriction order,Keyword:Detail=isa,Keyword:Detail=internal security act,Keyword:Detail=khoo teck puat,Keyword:Detail=zeng gouyuan,Keyword:Detail=parrot man

    VIDEO: The appetite-killing scandal in China

    State media say Chinese officials have seized more than US$480 million in smuggled meat, some of it over 40 years old. But consumers are wary about if this a major bust or a government scare tactic. Content:Type=News World,Keyword:Detail=china,Keyword:Detail=frozen meat,Keyword:Detail=40 years old,Keyword:Detail=changsha

    VIDEO: Turning Point: How art changed my life

    Barry Yeow spent more than 20 years behind bars for drugs and gang-related activities, but his life changed when he discovered his passion for art. Content:Type=News Singapore,Keyword:Detail=it changed my life,Keyword:Detail=barry yeow,Keyword:Detail=artist,Keyword:Detail=painting

    VIDEO: Singapore Food Festival: Traditional food and new interpretations of it

    The annual Singapore Food Festival, which is now into its 22nd year, kicks off on July 17 and ends on Aug 2. This year's theme centres on traditional cuisine and new iterations of it, from being made with superior ingredients or heritage fare done with a twist. Content:Type=Lifestyle,Keyword:Detail=singapore food festival,Keyword:Detail=violet oon,Keyword:Detail=justin quek